Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Timmins We Trust

In Timmins we trust
So the man of 2012 in Habs land is Mr. Alex Galchenyuk Jr., eh? Well I am honestly convinced that this young gun could have given his Sarnia teammate Nail Yakupov a run for first overall at the entry draft had he not been injured for the entire OHL season, save two games and a playoff round.  In comparison, Alex has two inches and ten pounds on Nail despite being almost a year younger. The on ice stats are tipped slightly in Nail’s favour during the regular season but almost identical in the 2012 playoffs. That being said, a season missed is a season missed and the Canadiens’ new top prospect will only benefit by returning to the Sarnia Sting for another season and help fuel the debate. Not that he showed any signs of missing a step when he returned in time for the playoffs and but there is still room for his development at that level. Another year in the O would help him learn to dominate and to win at his own level and more importantly pick up some leadership qualities along the way as he will undoubtedly be looked up to by his teammates next year. Also, as far as the current CBA states, if he does not make the NHL after training camp this spring then he can only return to his CHL team. So realistically speaking, Habs fans will have to wait at least another year before they get to see Alex Jr. playing for the Canadiens. And that’s only the bad news……